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New fellowship announced for outstanding young scientists in nanotechnology | Direct visualization of quantum dots reveals shape of quantum wave function | Scientists observe directed energy transport between neighboring molecules in a nanomaterial | Controlling fully integrated nanodiamonds | Nature's toolkit for killing viruses and bacteria | New insights into memristive devices by combining incipient ferroelectrics and grapheme | Science Reveals Long-Lost Secrets of a Mummy’s Portrait | A 2-D perspective: Stacking materials to realize a low power consuming future | Quantifying Quantumness: A Mathematical Project of “Immense Beauty” | From lab to industry? Ideally ordered porous titania films, made at scale | One-way street for electrons | Light-controlled nanomachine controls catalysis | Staying ahead of the curve with 3-D curved grapheme | A Plug-and-play approach to integrated nanoacoustics | Enhancing quantum dot solar cell efficiency to 11.53% | First Fiber-Optic Nanotip Electron Gun Enables Easier Nanoscale Imaging and Sensing | New Magnetic Spray Transforms Objects Into Insect-Scale Robots for Biomedical Applications | Scientists propose machine learning method for 2-D material spectroscopy | Predicting forces between oddly shaped nanoparticles | An imperceptible thin-film sensor to record movement and the sense of touch | Universal three-dimensional crosslinker for all-photopatterned electronics | Scientists age quantum dots in a test tube | New electronic chip delivers smarter, light-powered AI | Metallic surfaces help molecular quantum switch | Calculating magnetization direction of magnetite at room temperature | Mastering the art of nanoscale construction to breathe easy and bust fraud | Researchers investigate optical band gap of carbon compound | Scientists Trap Electrons to Create Elusive Long-Hypothesized Crystal | Sensors get a laser shape up | New technology allows more precise view of the smallest nanoparticles | New smart fabrics with bioactive inks monitor body and environment by changing color | It’s what on the inside that counts | More efficient conversion of heat into electricity by tinkering with nanostructure | Printable two-dimensional superconducting monolayers | Stanford University enlists Kashmiri among top scientists | Success in controlling perovskite ions' composition paves the way for device applications | Exploring the Unusual Electronic States and Optical Properties of Quantum-Sized Materials | A New and Efficient Way to Create Nanographene for Power and Display Devices | Next-Generation Computer Chip With Two Heads Combines Logic Operations and Data Storage | Producing materials to help break the electronics scaling limit | Scientists discover new family of quasiparticles in graphene-based materials | Pearls may provide new information processing options for biomedical, military innovations | Charges cascading along a molecular chain | Photons protect their path using topology – Science reports | Scientists and students publish blueprints for a cheaper single-molecule microscope | Higher-resolution imaging of living, moving cells using plasmonic metasurfaces | Germanium telluride's unseen properties at the nanoscale discovered | Researchers find material ultra-sensitive to light for use in optical computers | Mimicking moth eyes to produce transparent anti-reflective coatings | Making Biodiesel From Dirty Old Cooking Oil Just Got Way Easier | Nanomotors controlled with laser light | Luminescent wood could light up homes of the future | A one hundred thousand-fold enhancement in the nonlinearity of silicon | Scientists grow carbon nanotube forest much longer than any other | Observing magnon-polarons using a nanopatterned magnetic structure lit by short laser pulses | Synthesis of diamond-like carbon nanofiber film | High thermoelectric performance achieved in P-type alloys | Devil in the Defect Detail of Quantum Emissions | Boron nitride coating is key ingredient in hypersaline desalination technology | 3-D print experts discover how to make tomorrow's technology using ink-jet printed graphene | Researchers probe how nanoparticles affect neighbors in catalysis | Nano coatings with many functions | Malaria test as simple as putting on a bandage | A printable ink that is both conductive and transparent also blocks radio waves | Research lays groundwork for ultra-thin, energy efficient photodetector on glass | Sustainable Bioenergy Production Unlocked by New Protein Nanobioreactor | 3D printed microboat | A New Way to Synthesize Hydrocarbons | How Coronavirus Can Be Stopped: 3D Atomic Map of COVID-19’s Viral Replication Mechanism | Flash graphene rocks strategy for plastic waste | Scientists explain the paradox of quantum forces in nanodevices | Scientists Discover 3D Skyrmion Bubbles And Novel Magnetic Configuration | Predictive Model Reveals Function of Promising Energy Harvester Device | Scientists launch quest to develop quantum sensors for probing quantum materials | Nanotech Engineering founder charged with a $9.5 million investment fraud scheme | Breakthrough quantum-dot transistors create a flexible alternative to conventional electronics | Researchers found Path to nanodiamond from graphene | Graphene-based memory resistors show promise for brain-based computing | Chemical scissors snip 2-D transition metal dichalcogenides into nanoribbon | "Father of Green Medical Nanotechnology" Featured in the Latest Episode of From Campus to Commerce | Reliable quality-control of graphene and other 2D materials is routinely possible | Researchers develop artificial cell on a chip | High-resolution lithography for nanoporous thin films | Magnetic nature of complex vortex-like structures | Nanoparticle Developed to Target “Achilles Heel” of Coronavirus | Charging Electric Cars Up to 90% in Just 6 Minutes with New Battery Technology | Enabling the Data-Driven Future of Microscopy | Tailoring 2D materials to improve electronic and optical devices | New atomic layer deposition process invented | Researchers prove titanate nanotubes composites enhance photocatalysis of hydrogen | Scientists discover design secrets of nearly indestructible insect | On-surface synthesis of graphene nanoribbons could advance quantum devices | Scientists working on next-gen nanocars | Tiny golden bullets could help tackle asbestos-related cancers | New graphene-based antibody test developed for detecting kidney disease | Cloth masks' efficiency goes up to 99% with innovative nanofiber membranes | Turning streetwear into solar power plants | Cicada-inspired waterproof surfaces closer to reality | Nanogenerator “Scavenges” Power from atmosphere | A flexible color-changing film inspired by chameleon skin | New method detects nanoscale contaminants in Semiconductor devices | Mass-spectrometry breakthrough paves the way to detecting viruses | Material found in house paint may spur technology revolution | World's first inkjet technique for using saltwater to encapsulate QD materials Developed | Creating perfect edges in 2-D-materials | Liquid Metals Come to the Rescue of Semiconductors | Next-Gen Solar Cells by Blocking Vibrations That Remove Heat can boost the Efficiency | New device powers wearable sensors through human motion | Scientists made Calcium Ion Nanogenerator for Cancer Therapy | New World Record in Short Time Measurement - Scientists Track the Propagation of Light in a Molecule | All Symptoms are in your head—or in your gut | Ultra-sensitive nanothermometer under ambient conditions | Turning Diamond Into Metal – For Improved Solar Cells, LEDs, and Power Electronics | The perfect angle for e-skin energy storage | Surface waves can help nanostructured devices keep their cool | Nanomaterial acts as a molecular thermometer | Scientists created a broadband detector of terahertz radiation based on graphene | Generating Megatesla Magnetic Fields on Earth Using Intense-Laser-Driven Microtube Implosions | Experiments With Twisted 2D Materials | What’s Nanotechnology? Kristin Persson Explains at 4 Different Levels | Graphene microbubbles make perfect lenses | Development of cost-efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen production | Stem cell sheets harvested in just two days | Graphite sheets to help next-gen smartphones to keep their cool | Nanoscale Machines Convert Light Into Work | Breakthrough: Black Silicon Photodetector efficiency reached 130% | Plant-based spray could be used in N95 masks and energy devices | Biochip innovation combines AI and nanoparticle printing for cancer cell analysis | Intelligent nanomaterials for photonics | A hydrogel that could help repair damaged nerves | Top 4 Nano Technologies which are making Life Convenient | Nanonet collapses to trap drug molecules like a fishing net | Nanoparticles can turn off genes in bone marrow cells | Sensor With 100,000 Times Higher Sensitivity created by US Army | Super-Micro Haptic Touch Sensor Works by Static Electricity | Nanoscale battery to transform renewable energy storage | New nanotechology design provides hope for personalized vaccination for treating cancer | Research Study shows cell perturbation system could have medical applications | Process for visualizing defects in crystal solids enhanced by artificial intelligence | Harness the Atomic Motion of Graphene to Generate Clean, Limitless Power Developed | Chemical innovation stabilizes best-performing perovskite formulation | Xiaomi's Mi 10 Ultra smartphone with "the first mass-produced graphene Li-ion battery" | New focus on the synergy effect of nanoparticles | New Detector for measuring energy quanta at unparalleled resoultion | Zebrafish embryos help prove what happens to nanoparticles in the blood | Developing the fastest and most sensitive graphene microwave bolometer | Nanomotors as probes to sense cancer environment | Neurons in spinal-cord injuries are reconnected in vivo via carbon nanotube sponges | Terraced graphene for ultrasensitive magnetic field sensor | Lithium batteries charge faster new technology | Novel nanostructured neural electrodes | New composite material revs up pursuit of advanced electric vehicles | Colloidal dispersions of nanosheets for catalysis | Thin and Ultra-Fast Photodetector Sees the Full Spectrum | Fully Automated Analyzer That Could Help Detect Signs of Extraterrestrial Life | Why There Is No Speed Limit in the Superfluid Universe | New method for producing hydrogen from wastewater | World’s Smallest Ultrasound Detector Developed – Smaller Than a Blood Cell | E-beam atomic-scale 3-D 'sculpting' could enable new quantum nanodevices | Pointed tips on aluminum 'octopods' increase catalytic reactivity | A Photoresist for two-photon microprinting developed | Inspired by fly eyes researchers developed Anti-reflective coating | Why do hospital germs bind more strongly to certain surfaces than to others? | New Method to Track Ultrafast Change of Magnetic State | New on/off functionality for fast, sensitive, ultra-small technologies | Electricity Generation with Self-Assembled Peptides | Growing metallic crystals in liquid metal | Tunable Spin Wave Excitation Achieved by Physicists | Bioactive nano-capsules to hijack cell behavior | Face Masks Made of New Graphene | Lipid-Based Nanoparticles safely solves Genetic problems in mice | Tunable, atomically thin semiconductors demonstrated by Scientists | Photonic Multishells Made of Liquid Crystals Can Replace Color Shifting Ink to Prevent Counterfeiting | Electron movements in liquid measured in super-slow motion | Building blocks for next-generation LED displays | Nanoclusters that mimic biomolecules created by Researchers | A Huge Leap in blue quantum dot technology | “Molecular Computers” Improves Targeting of Cancer-Killing Car T Cells | Water filtration membranes that can clean themselves | Nanomaterial based Sensor to detect COVID-19 Coronavirus with Breathalyzer Test | Biomorphic Batteries Could Provide 72x More Energy for Robots | Insect wings inspire new ways to fight superbugs | For the First time Scientists witnessed Interaction of a New Phase of Matter Known As “Time Crystals” | Powerful, Quick-and-easy tool for mutation detection with nanopore technique | Resonant nanoantennas to slow and steer light | Artificial materials for more efficient electronics | Energy-Efficient Tuning of Spintronic Neurons to Imitate the Non-linear Oscillatory Neural Networks of the Human Brain | Machinery of Photosynthesis Supercharges Solar Energy to Hydrogen Fuel Conversion | Team makes case for high-performance carbon nanotube fibers for industry | Shock to bacteria activates nature's electrical grid | 2 D materials for ultrascaled field-effect transistors | Unique nanocluster of copper atoms created | Ultrathin Flat Lenses for High Resolution Imaging Using Monolayer Transition Metal | Scientists build a better nanoscale LED | "structural color" works differently | Integrated Flexible device for Plant health management | NANOTUBES IN THE EYE THAT HELP US SEE | Efficient valves for electron spins | Spider silk inspires new class of functional synthetic polymers | Nanomaterial that mirrors the "magic angle" effect | Quantum materials quest could benefit from graphene that buckles | The smart new way to check nanomaterial quality | Cellular nanocrystals on the Carbon Fibers | Physicists accelerate the hunt for revolutionary artificial atomic materials | Research exposes new vulnerability for SARS-CoV-2 | Principles for the creation of an 'acoustic diode' developed | Energy storing Bricks called “Smart Bricks” | A highly light-absorbent and tunable material | How to get more cancer-fighting nanoparticles to where they are needed | Next step for future electronics | Nanocellulose to create materials with new properties | Nanocatalysts that remotely control chemical reactions inside living cells | Ultrashort laser pulses induce unusual sound waves | New Quantum Approach for Sharing Secrets Sets a Record With 11 Dimensions | New therapeutic option for Glioblastoma (GBM) | Filter 'paper' made from titanium oxide nanowires | Interface of Advanced Materials Key to Safer, Longer-Lasting Energy Storage | Anode material for safe and long-lasting batteries | A closer look at water-splitting's solar fuel potential | Photothermal therapy (PTT) is a promising alternative method for cancer treatment | Human hair can chip away a razor’s edge | Calculating the Benefits of Exascale and Quantum Computers | Nanostructures modeled on moth eyes effective for anti-icing | Pathway to improve the performance of supercapacitors and increase storage capacity | A new composite material used for tissue engineering, specifically for regenerating bone tissue developed | 3-D nanometer-thin membrane borrows from biology | Breath Signal to Diagnose Diseases with Specialized Nanoparticles by Analyzing a Patient’s Breath | Complex Artificial Intelligence Enabled with Powerful Photon-Based Processing Units | Simplistic method to define the nanostructure of manganese dioxide | Magnetic gold nanohybrid will help fight cancer | New insight may represent another building block in next-generation electronics | New method brings single-crystal perovskite devices closer to viability | 3-D touchless interactive display detects finger humidity to change color | How cells interact with supporting proteins to heal wounds uncovered | Curlicued research tool propels fast-moving fluids for study by neutrons | Liquid Crystal Chameleons | How plantains and carbon nanotubes can improve cars | Interlayer coupling in a van der Waals (vdW) material demonstrated | Compact nanoscale textures reduce contact time of bouncing droplets | Mapping crystal shapes could fast-track 2-D materials | Research on metallic nanoparticles may lead to improved solar cells | A versatile tool for nanomanipulation | Impact of nanoparticles on living species | High-capacity oil-adsorbing mats for oil spill emergencies | Disordered nanolayers in intermetallic alloys Discovered | Integrated Lightwave Electronic Circuits developed | Spin-Orbit Qubits in Milestone Critical for Scale-Up of Quantum Computers | Self-assembled nanoporous biomaterials to enhance vitamin intake | Diving into the structure of molten salts in tight spaces | New depths in infrared nanospectroscopy Explored | New Nano-Engineering Strategy for Energy Storage | Stabilisation of charge density wave phase by interfacial interactions | Nanoscale electrometry based on magnetic-field-resistant spin sensors | Skyrmions created in a centrosymmetric material lacking geometrical frustration | Orderly arranged bead-chain ternary nanocomposites for supercapacitors | Heterostructure is a promising platform for mid-infrared research and applications | Understanding the optimal process for fabricating coupled nanocrystal solids | Liquid metal synthesis for better piezoelectrics: Atomically-thin tin-monosulfide | 'Nanocage' tool untangles (molecular) spaghetti | DEMO NEW ARTICLE | Purifying water with the help of wood, bacteria and the sun | It is all about the toppings | The First Porous Graphene Ribbons replaced with Nitrogen Atoms | Biosynthetic Sustainable Hierarchical Solar Steam Generator for Water Purification | A Completely New Strategy Towards Optical Microscopy | Custom nanoparticle regresses tumors when exposed to light | NSF awards $20M to Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology | Atomic 'Swiss Army Knife' precisely measures materials for quantum computers | A safe and powerful treatment for the body against deadly radiation | New nano-engineering strategy shows potential for improved advanced energy storage | 2-D SEMICONDUCTORS FOUND TO BE CLOSE-TO-IDEAL FRACTIONAL QUANTUM HALL PLATFORM | Innovative and cost-effective new method for creating silica beads | Building a Harder Diamond | New Method of Making 3D-Heterostructures | An opportunity to advance skin cancer treatment | Advanced nanotechnology used to improve success of dental implants | Face Masks Made From Layered Cotton Better Than Synthetics | Nanotechnology in medicine: The first liquid retina prosthesis | Strong light, high heat from nanogaps between plasmonic electrodes | Dirac Electrons Come Back to Life in Magic-Angle Graphene | Multifunctional Nanofiber Protects Against Explosions | Multi-Dimensional Quantum Communications With Twisted Light Across Optical Fiber Networks | Step Toward Space-Based Global Quantum Network | New theory for Semiconductors made of nanocrystals | Researchers discover new boron-lanthanide nanostructure | Scientists discover new method of making 3D-heterostructured materials | Wavy surfaces for better light control | Mouse Trap for Magnetic Waves: Researchers Build Sensor Consisting of Only 11 Atoms | Solid-State Laser Refrigeration of Nanoscale Sensors Achieved | Strainoptronics | Novel Nanomechanical Biomarker | Nanotorch | Photo-responsive molecular switch | A fresh twist in chiral topology | First of its kind Spherical Artificial Eye with 3D Retina | Smallest cavity for light realized by graphene plasmons | Silicon is more stronger and deformable | New stretchable, self-healing and illuminating electronic material for wearables and soft robots | First of its kind: Nano eco-friendly refrigerants | Unfolding the new regime of advanced 3D microfabrication/nanofabrication | Iran in bid to set up nanoscience hub in Nairobi | Understanding ceramic ‘mortar’ of materials may reveal ways to improve them | Novel Electrode for Efficient Artificial Synthesis of Ammonia | New antiviral, antibacterial surface could reduce spread of infections in hospitals | Novel insight reveals topological tangle in unexpected corner of the universe | Electrical fields can throw a curveball | Second life for electric vehicle batteries | A new law in laser physics could make eye surgery simpler | Rise to valletronics based information processing and storage technology | Moldable Nanomaterials and a Printing Technology | RENEWABLE ENERGY ADVANCE | Colour-changing, Flexible Photonic Crystals | Study says Nanotechnology Can Boost Crop Yield During Crises | One-Way Components | Pharmaceutical: Multi-vitamin pill dissolution || Nano Tv | Nanobowls serve up chemotherapy drugs to cancer cells | HKBU invents nanostructure that stimulates growth of stem cells for Parkinson's disease treatment | May 11, National Technology Day | Nanotech's KolourOptik Platform Finalist for Best New Currency Innovation by IACA | Obesity prevented in mice treated with gene-disabling nanoparticles | Water-splitting module a source of perpetual energy | ARCIs mechanically stable antireflective coating can increase the power conversion efficiency of solar thermal systems | Indian professor enters list that includes Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela | Pressing 'pause' on nature's crystal symmetry | Red light for stress | Magnetic drugs' could stay at disease sites longer | Nanotechnology Might Help Fight Deadly 'Cytokine Storm' of COVID-19 | Super-Chiral Light | A material with a particular twist | Cool down fast to advance quantum nanotechnology | New structure for promising class of materials discovered | ARCI, Hyderabad's Disinfectant trolley to fight Covid 19 | Two fabrics can effectively filter out aerosol particles | New tool can map nanomechanical properties of materials like multi-phase alloys, composites & multi-layered coatings | New 'brick' for nanotechnology | INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT EARLY USAGE OF NANOTECHNOLOGY | SRI INTERNATIONAL WON THE GOLD EDISON AWARD | DST FOCUSES ON NANOTECHNOLOGY FOR TREATING COVID-19 | ‘REALISTIC’ STRENGTH OF GRAPHENE DISCOVERED | YOUNG NANOSCIENTIST THINKING SMALL IN A BIG WAY | CHINA AND US SALUTE THE CYBORG SOLDIER | YELLOW IS THE NEW BROWN | THE STATE-OF-THE-ART RESEARCH FACILITY IN THE VISAYAS REGION | SYMPOSIUM ON NANOTECHNOLOGY HELD | THE PIONEER OF FIBER OPTICS AND NANOTECHNOLOGY | NEW INSIGHTS IN SUPERCONDUCTIVITY | REDUCE ERRORS ACROSS QUANTUM COMPUTERS | NANO-SPONGE WITH SURPRISING PROPERTIES | ULTRATHIN ORGANIC SOLAR CELL IS BOTH EFFICIENT AND DURABLE | PARK SYSTEMS ANNOUNCES NANO RESEARCH GRANT FUND | CENTRIFUGAL FIELD-FLOW FRACTIONATION | “VALLEY SEMICONDUCTORS” |