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Nano TV – The Science Channel

Nano TV – The Science Channel is Digital Web Channel from the publishers of Nano Digest. The Web Channel is meant to expose people to Science & Technology, the latest happenings, the best of Science as well as develop Scientific temperament among the young minds. Different series are meant for different sections of science enthusiasts.

Knowledge Series: This series is meant to explain concepts for people. These will be presented by renowned scientists from different areas of Science & Technology.

Industry Series: Companies involved in Science & Technology, companies that are building tools and equipment for Science & Technology will be showcased in this section. Company profiles, product profiles, interview with corporate leaders, etc will find place in this section.

Academy Series: This for educating young minds and also helping them develop scientific temperament. Here students will be helped to try and pursue careers in pure science and science research. Institution profiles and special programmes on competitive exams would find place.

Profile Series: Here renowned leaders in the field of Science & Technology will be profiled and these will be inspiration for all the stakeholders.

Nano Tv